Cut The Carbon

carbonfootpringUrban lifestyles have a huge impact on the environment. Our lifestyles have large carbon footprints which affect the climate adversely. Everything we do requires energy which usually comes from combustion of fossil fuels-ranging from taking a flight to just having a cup of coffee. Thus, every action has a carbon footprint associated with it.

Cut the Carbon is an initiative which makes us aware of the carbon emissions associated with each choice. It is an interactive initiative that aims to inculcate among students sensitivity towards global environment issues.

It guides schools/institutions to reduce their Carbon footprint using a do-it-yourself approach, creating Ambassadors of change who assess carbon emissions and come up with measures to promote a greener low carbon lifestyle.

To facilitate this we have developed a Carbon Reduction Toolkit which comprises of a user friendly Carbon Calculator, guiding material for participants and a questionnaire which assists the assessment of the organizations’ carbon emissions. The programme is designed to transform students into champions of eco-friendly lifestyles, influencing their community to adopt a Carbon Conscious Lifestyle through simple behavioural changes.

The Programme works towards reducing Carbon Footprint in schools through Assessment, Action and Behaviour Change, which is implemented through a series of workshops and activities such as:

• Create an army of Student Ambassadors in every school to participate in the project

• Train Student Investigators to audit waste, energy and fuel used by the school and calculate the Carbon Footprint carbonfootpring01using our Carbon Footprint Reduction Toolkit

• Design action plan to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint

• The schools’ carbon footprint is offset by tree plantation- each Student Ambassadors plant saplings and adopt these saplings as their siblings

• The Ambassadors are trained to take this initiative beyond the schools-to their families, friends and communities.

The Impact

  • Eco conscious schools
  • More families aware of Low Carbon Lifestyles
  • Lower carbon footprint of the school
  • An army of Ambassadors created, to drive the change in the future

All participating students will be given certificates. The school will be awarded a plaque mentioning the amount or carbon footprint that has been cut. The students who take the initiative to their communities beyond school will be rewarded with student Ambassador Award and Badge.

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