The City I Want!


Call for Voices: CLEAN-India Campaign “The City I Want !” – Mohali, Mirzapur& Vadodara

Let’s all join, raise our concerns about our cities! Let’s collectively design the city we all want! The change has to start from our generation, for our and future generations!

It’s time to create our own answers! Do your bit by filling this small form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KLHFGQZ

If you are already working towards improving the environment of your city, let us know about your ‘story of change’. Best five ideas in each city will be awarded with Flipkart Voucher worth Rs 1000/-

Spread the word by sharing this post! Join the movement now! It’s our time, let’s get ready!


The City I Want !

India is undergoing a rapid and unplanned transformation. Its cities are expanding hastily as more and more people are migrating from rural areas for better job opportunities. Such rapid urbanisation is resulting in severe environmental degradation, acute water shortage and loss of precious biodiversity. To alter this process of development and to ensure that the emerging cities create livable places for a sustainable future, participation of youth in the demand for a better future is must. ‘The City I Want’ campaign is an attempt in this direction.

Launched by CLEAN-India, a flagship progamme of Development Alternatives (DA), a global think-tank on sustainable development, the campaign is a youth led social media initiative aimed towards improving the current environmental scenario of cities in India. To set the base of the campaign, an online survey has been done to understand the concerns of the youth regarding emerging environmental challenges. As part of the campaign youth of the city will be encouraged to identify and articulate pressing urban issues, propose solutions, and commit to take actions for a better tomorrow. The campaign will be reaching to 10 cities of India. In its first phase, the campaign will be launched in 3 cities i.e. Mohali, Mirzapur and Vadodra on June 5 (World Environment Day) and rest of the 7 cities on August 12 (International Youth Day).

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