CLEAN-India, with the help of CLEAN-India Schools and students has come up with the first of its kind Interactive Digital Water Quality Map.

CLEAN-Delhi conducted water quality monitoring for more than four years, for three seasons in a yea. This enabled us to identify the areas where water is consistently found to be contaminated. To find the spread of this contamination, a number of water samples were collected from a spot in each area, which ensures representation of the entire area. All the samples wereanalysed to identify the extent of the contamination.

The result of this rigorous monitoring is an interactive Geomatics Information System (GIS) based digital water quality map. The water quality map, developed though the CLEAN-Delhi programme, displays the municipal and ground water quality for different areas in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. A cumulative index for the water quality has been prepared, which helps the database to grade the quality of water as ‘Safe for use’, ‘Check before use’ and ‘Purify before use’. This is depicted in different colours like GREEN for “safe” , YELLOW for “check” and RED for “purify” so that everybody can relate to it. The water quality map also contains past data and helps in formulation of trends. water_quality_map

CLEAN-India is a nation-wide programme with similar efforts being carried out in other towns and cities of the country. In due course, water quality maps will be developed for every CLEAN-India centre. Each centre is doing water quality monitoring as per the requirements of the local environment and initiating relevant action. CLEAN-Shillong conducted a clean-up drive at the Umshyrpiriver, which they had been monitoring. People from different communities and age groups participated in this drive. CLEAN-Berinag campaigned to avoid bathing and washing near the water springs.

The students have been deeply involved in this programme since 1996. The momentum that has been built up needs to be harnessed and the student’s efforts need to be brought to fruition. Let us all join hands with the children in their noble venture of providing clean water for all.

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