For a sustainable tomorrow, the need of the hour is to embed the habit of cleanliness in our behaviour. This is a programme for schools, colleges and communities towards cleaner and greener cities. It ensures that the students and youth who are the decision makers of tomorrow, become champions of greenery and cleanliness. They lead by example to make their city healthy and green. The aim is to increase the city’s green cover and micro manage waste for institutions by instilling behavioural changes in children, young students and professional.

Engage students/youth/professionals to make theirs area green and clean

Students, youth and professionals are made aware of the need of waste management and the importance of the urban green cover by introducing them to basics of tree plantation and decentralized solid waste management in the institution. This is done through periodical Workshops focused on the Scientific planting of trees, Tree mapping around school, Waste segregation, Composting and Recycling.

Tree Ambassadors and Tree Doctors are created -they are trained to care for and identify common symptoms and diseases of the trees planted by the organizations. They will work with the organization’s gardener and the RWA of the area to ensure the trees remain disease free.

Micromanage waste in the institution

Students learn to reduce waste being sent to garbage dumps by carrying in-house waste management through source segregation at every level.

Generate compost for tree plantation and nursery by Composting biodegradable waste in the campus which will be used by the school, the RWA or in the green areas around.

Create nursery in campus

The institution will setup a nursery to ensure this which can be a for-profit endeavour also. Procured seeds will be nurtured to saplings in the nursery. Every student/individual in the organization will adopt a sapling and ensure its health and nurture it till it is a fully grown tree.

Tree Plantation

Students take up greening of the surrounding area and care for planted trees. Every sapling is planted outside the campus in a prescribed area will be cared for by its parent. The parents will be responsible for the tamoxifen citrate trees and the Tree Ambassadors and Tree Doctors will supervise the monitoring in their prescribed areas.

Every tree will have a tree guard and a label which will contain the name of the species, the serial number and the parent’s information so the individual feels responsible for the tree.

The institution is awarded a plaque and the students, parents, Ambassadors and Doctors are given badges and certificates. Felicitation will be done at a CLEAN-India Investiture Ceremony.



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